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thomas gloenkler - auszeit 9,95 EUR
Product No.: qxt cd 28
EAN No.: 4026219205056
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thomas gloenkler - auszeit

1. Auszeit (6.32)
2 Allzumenschlich (3.37)
3 Bekiffte Schnecken (4.33)
4. Stück von früher (3.59)
5. Der Frosch (4.26)
6. Mobil steril (oder die psychohygienische Funktion der Unerreichbarkeit) (4.14)
7. Hic et nunc (2.59)
8. Kjölur (5.48)
9. Kindlein (1.50)
10. Sanktuarium II (4.01)
11. Bei mir (Die Sonne I) (2.58)
12. Mein Neu (Die Sonne II) (4.34)
13. Stetig (Die Sonne III) (4.49)
14. Dein Licht (Die Sonne IV) (3.59)
15. Elias im Zauberwald (1.36)

line up
Thomas Gloenkler - Guitars
Eva-Maria - flutes

In numerous reviews this album is considered equal to the extraordinary music of Steve Hackett, Anthony Phillips, Mike Oldfield and Steve Howe, as well as to many outstanding artists alike. "Auszeit" is recommended in literally every scene-related publication.

"Time. Thats the keyword behind this album. T.G. took more than a decade of it to invent and develop his music pieces. Years of learning, working, searching and finally reaching the stage of connecting the personal past and future. Time is also the password to the understanding of "Auszeit". In translation this is a combination of the meanings that "Time-out" and "Sparetime" give. Time you waste willingly or you take and can afford gladly listening to this music. Somewhere inbetween are many stories. Many ideas, emotions and lives. Forgotten and hidden ones and even some secrets. Everything time will reveal or has layed to rest is found in this album. Because it needs senses, not words. So it won not leave you alone."
Robbe Desch

With this beautiful album people can indeed take a time-out for oneself from modern lifes restlessness.ECLIPSED 3/2005

Contemplative, soothing, technically undoubtful, simply beautiful.GAESTELISTE.DE

Absolutely every single progrock-fan should have listened to this album at least once!
Henning Mangold (Babyblaue-Seiten.de)

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