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cinnamonia - the scarlet sea 6,95 EUR
Product No.: qxt cd 19
EAN No.: 4026219202635
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cinnamonia - the scarlet sea

year of release: 2002

1. Splendour (5:15)
2. In the nick of time (5:01)
3. Seaweed days (7:13)
4. At Giants Causeway (5:17)
5. Monas Song (4:26)
6. Song of the dark man (5:56)
7. The brightest day (6:29)
8. She moved thru the fair (5:46)
9. Sunstream (5:00)
10. Remnants of summer (5:22)
11. The parting glass (3:16)

line up
Sandra Barclay - vocals
Thomas Köhler - instruments
Gerd Weyhing: electric-, acoustic guitars, soundscapes (3,4,8,9)
Walter Parks: e-bow, electric guitars (2, 10)
Robert Alan Frost: electric-, acoustic guitars (2,10)

The main theme of the album is the exploration of various means of transformation, centering on the image of water in many cases. But The Scarlet Sea also includes a contemporary, transformative approach to traditional music (Irish, in this case). Thus, the well-known "She moves thru the fair" receives an almost otherworldly, darkly ambient performance here, reflecting its theme of a ghost lover appearing to his/her beloved in a vision.

"A veritable box of delights [...] Chant-like vocals, croonings and whisperings overlay beautiful ambient backdrops of insistent, almost hypnotic melody and percussion.[...] An album of gentle ethereal beauty."
Dave Winstanley, Classic Rock Magazine

"This music is a must for fans of David Sylvian, This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, His name is Alive."
Rob, ProgGnosis

"Fragil (handle with care) und bestrickend interpretiert die Sängerin das sich trotz elektronischer Basis organisch anfühlende Songmaterial. [...]Weil Cinnamonia Ästheten sind, darf die Tanzfläche gern leer bleiben und stattdessen mit ausgeruhten Ohren den Verästelungen der mal weltmusikalisches Odeur verströmenden, mal neoklassizistischen Kompositionen nachgehorcht werden. [...] Ein sehr mediterran-harmonisches Album, bei dem öfter Hören mehr ist."
Thomas Hübener, Intro

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