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inga bachmann  
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INGA BACHMANN can be easily pidgeonholed - if the pidgeonhole is big enough and you are willing to constantly stick a different label on it. The all-round singer songwriter from Heidelberg does as she pleases - and that is very entertaining and surprising indeed and anything but boring.

INGA BACHMANN moves swiftly through her own musical and poetical universe. From melancholical to snappy, from humourous to odd: With a sense of lyrical ambiguities and full of wit, she exposes the abysses of everyday life, leads us safely through the deep waters of melancholia and illuminates from different angles the life we supposedly knew.

One could let go, let oneself be led by her soft voice, her poetical images, her stage presence. But careful! Behind the next corner lures the rude awakening when the lyrics unfold their effect: a double bottom which can only be seen at second glance, a laugh that sometimes gets stuck in your throat. But not to worry: In the end, all is well. And if it’s not well, it’s not the end.

For all that must be said is more than we are lacking words. press comments:

"eigenwillig, tiefgründig und direkt" (RNZ)
"Möchte ihre musikalische Sinnlichkeit doch sämtliche Schmetterlinge im Bauch flattern lassen, besingen ihre Texte dagegen eher ihren Ausflug" (RNZ)
"Mit Biss, Witz und Melancholie scharf gewürzt" (Rheinische Post) /p>

inga bachmann
 inga bachmann - das aber der dinge inga bachmann - das aber der dinge

14,95 EUR
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 inga bachmann - der masterplan vom glück inga bachmann - der masterplan vom glück

14,95 EUR
Shipping time: 3-4 Days
1 x 'inga bachmann - der masterplan vom glück' order

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