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bonebag are:

Ronald Utens - vocals, guitar
Mike Palandeng - lead guitar
Martijn Horsten - bass
Arno Menses - drums, vocals

find more information about the band at their homepage:

2002....It all began to fall apart....The bands that had been a safe haven to those that now form the outfit BONEBAG. To keep the flow going Ronald Utens (vocals, guitar). and Arno Menses (drums) teamed up and started to write and record songs. Mike Palandeng (lead-guitar), who who had done some recordings for them in the past, was asked to join them. The input of Mike, both in playing and writing, provided the vibe Ronald and Arno where looking for and soon they had written enough material to record their first Mini-CD "Positive" at their own recording studio in 2003. The CD was highly acclaimed by press and music-lovers.

The only problem they faced when they were asked to play live was the lack of a bass-player. Both Arno and Ronald had played with Martijn Horsten before, a brilliant player. Luckily all it took was a phonecall to wheel Martijn in and for the first time, they where a real band. With Martijn they also gained another songwriter, so the process was speeding up even more. Resulting in 5 more mini cds (Dropping the Big One, Pinchin a Loaf, Fire n Steel, After Supper and Smell This).

The next logical step for the band was to start looking for a label that would be willing to release an album of Bonebag music. Because of Arnos close contact to Break Out Promotion (Sieges Even, Jaded Heart) it was an obvious move to offer them a demo. It just took a couple of weeks until BONEBAG got a deal with QuiXote Music to have their debut recorded and released.

A selection of Bonebags best songs so far was made, which where then recorded in the Pure Creatives Studios in Schiedam, Holland. Almost right after finishing the recordings Arno was off to Germany to record Sieges Evens Paramount-album at Kohlekeller Studios in Seeheim, Germany. Because of the outstanding work done there, BONEBAG got interested in having the recorded work mixed and mastered over there, which to the delight of everbody involved eventually happened.

Noli Me Tangere ... the name of BONEBAGs debut album. Ten songs which melody is the key to, but always staying true to the essence of music ... "rock n roll".

 Bonebag - Noli Me Tangere Bonebag - Noli Me Tangere

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