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tea for two  
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tea for two are:

Oliver Soerup (guitar)
Stephan Weber (vocals)
Michael Schumpelt (keys, flutes)

find more information about the band at their homepage: www.teafortwo.de
find some songs at myspace.com/t42de

The story of Tea for Two began in 1985 when Michael Schumpelt (piano, recorder) and Oliver soerup (guitar) founded the band as a blues-folk-jazz duo. After a couple of gigs Schumpelt and Soerup recruited a bass player and finally, in 1987 with the addition of a drummer and singer Stephan Weber the classic 5-piece line up was complete. Following the release of their first album "Dream or Reality" in 1993 Tea for Two played a huge number of concerts (highlights of which were support shows for Fish and Arena). The atmosphere of those concerts was captured in the live album "Snapshots" that was released in 1996. One year later the band called it a day, as there was a shift in the members priorities due to marriage, children, graduation and the start of professional carreers.

Very soon, however Stephan Weber, Michael Schumpelt and Oliver Soerup came together again to record the album 101 that was released in 2001.

In the following years Tea for Two played some rare but excellently received accoustic concerts, aptly named as "Tea for Two - light". Obviously the instrumentation of piano, flute, guitar and vocals set limits to the creation of interesting sounds and powerful rhythms. The songs themselves had to create tension and variation to keep up the audiences attention. So the songs had to be rewritten and stripped down to their essence. It was only a small step from that work on old material to the writing of new songs, which have now been recorded for the new Tea for Two album "Twisted".

tea for two
 tea for two - twisted tea for two - twisted

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 tea for two - 101 tea for two - 101

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